Friday, April 10, 2009

My New "Normal"

I am so thankful for this job of being a mommy of two! Not that it is always easy, because it is definitely not! But, oh the joy that it brings! And, now that I am starting to get some sleep again, I am liking it even more! :) I think I had in my mind though that my life would get back to "normal." What I am realizing is that this is my new "normal." And, grasping that means no more waiting for things to change. It helps me to better "live in the now." I don't want these precious moments to pass me by. When Addie is spinning in a princess dress in the living room, singing at the top of her lungs, my mom will say to me, "Burn this moment in your mind. These times will go by so quickly." I am so thankful to have my mom, who has been there and survived all of the challenges, remind me to treasure these special times.
Addie is becoming such a big girl! She is talking in full conversations now, and blows us away with the things she says! She LOVES to play dress-up and watch the Barbie movies. Anytime we put on one of those movies, she runs to her room and picks out a "princess dress" so that she can spin! Her FAVORITE book right now is called Pinkalicious! And, when I say favorite, I mean, we read it at least once everyday, and she pretty much reads it to us. It is about a little girl who eats so many pink cupcakes that she turns pink. I had a box of pink cake mix and pink frosting in the pantry saved for a day that was too cold to go outside, so we made pink cupcakes this week! She LOVED it!!!

Yeah, once she started licking the spatula, I finished the job! But aren't her cupcakes beautiful?!?

She also has been so amazed by the birds in the backyard. She wants so badly to touch them, but for some reason, they just won't stick around for her to get close enough! But, she definitely wants to give all of them a name! So, last week she painted a little birdhouse for them. I am pretty sure that it is too small for any bird to live in, but as far as she is concerned, they are living in there already!

We have also decided to enroll her in preschool for the fall. For all of you mommies that decide to do this in the future, it is quite the ordeal! Who knew that choosing a preschool was so involved! And, I had no idea that I had to start so early! But, after a lot of research and visiting different schools, we have chosen one and are really excited about it! I can't believe that I have to buy my baby a lunchbox!!!

I just had to throw that picture in there because its cute! My friend Haley sent me to a link that showed me how to make a tutu. This is Addie the morning that I gave it to her, hence the pajamas and the bed head! She has had so much fun spinning in that thing!

Jett is getting so big too! I can't believe how fast the time goes! He rolled over yesterday, twice!!! And, he is sleep really well at night these days. I broke down and started letting him just cry it out at night. The first night, he cried for 8 minutes, second night for 7 minutes, and last night, for about 45 seconds! Then, he slept for 8 hours! My prayers are being answered! THANK YOU JESUS FOR SOME SLEEP!!! Here are some cute pics of him lately.

We put Jett in the doll stroller! He looked like a giant, it was so funny!

Poor kid, he is doomed. I was drying my hair, and I turned around and he had Barbie on one side and Cinderella on the other!

And there is just nothing as sweet as a sleeping baby.