Monday, August 31, 2009

Our August

What an fun month! I can't believe that summer is practically over! The kids are growing and changing so much! My little Addie is about to start preschool! I am so excited about that, she has her backpack, lunchbox, and nap mat all ready to go! She can't wait! She is such a talker and has quite an entertaining personality! So much drama...never a dull moment in the Crawford house! Jett is growing so big. He started clapping his hands this week. He is such a happy baby! But, boy, is he a busy little thing! He is always into something and has discovered how fun it is to climb! He is going to keep me busy! Here are some fun pictures of our August...Addie is starting to like hanging around him more and more...
He loves to be in a "fort"
And she loves to dress him up...he is sporting the wedding veil here
We have started having "Family Worship Time" at night before bed. Adam gets out the guitar, and we sing worship songs. Then, he reads some out of the "Jesus Storybook Bible." Such a sweet time, love to watch Addie dance and spin while we sing, her own little form of worship.
Jett loves his daddy's guitar
Mama and her babies
The sweet sight I get to see every morning
His first bruise on his forehead! Sad...I am sure there are many more to come. Check out all of the food on his face, come on mom...
My little princess, always dressed up (or naked, take your pick!)
She was "getting married"
Love, love, love!
Big boy! Look at those sweet little legs!
So thankful for everyday...