Saturday, November 6, 2010

Max's Birthday

November 1, 2010...What a day it was! I had a scheduled appointment at 10:45 on Monday morning. I had been having some back pain previously, but nothing more than that, a contraction every once in awhile, but very inconsistent. So, after my exam, Dr Wood told me that I was between a 3-4 and 90% effaced. She decided to hook me up to the contraction monitor where we saw that I had 4 contractions in 20 minutes, but it was all back labor. She decided to have me go home for a couple of hours, eat lunch, then come back and get checked. So, Adam and I filled the car up with gas, went to the house, cleaned up, got our stuff together, ate lunch and headed back to the doctor. When she checked me again, I had progressed to a 5-6, so she said, "Let's go have a baby!!!" So, we headed across the street to the hospital and got checked in. I decided to hold off on my IV for awhile so that I could bounce on the ball and let my labor progress a little further. Around 3:30, my contractions started really picking up, so I just kept on bouncing! About 5:00, I decided it might be time to head to the bed. I got an IV started, knowing that I had to get a whole bag of fluid in me before I could get my epidural, and that was very important to me!!! Dr. Wood, came in to check me around 6:00, told me I was at a 7, and broke my water. Contractions picked up pretty quick, so I asked for my epidural and got that around 6:30. At 7:00 since I hadn't progressed much more, they started pitocin. After that, my contractions began to get quite a but more intense, but irregular. My nurse said that with my back pain, the irregularity of my contractions, and the fact that the contractions were "coupling" (2 intense contractions back to back, then they would subside) they thought Max might be "sunny side up" where his face was up, or at least his head turned at some odd angle. So, every time that my back would start hurting, I would shift to my other side, hoping he would get himself into the right position. Around 9:15, I was checked again, at this point, they told me I was at an 8 and 100% effaced. I wanted to be further than an 8!!! Addie was in the room hanging out with us, and my back started hurting again, so I decided to shift to my right side. Almost immediately, my contractions got EXTREMELY intense! I told Adam that Addie needed to leave the room now, and I looked over at the monitor and saw that Max's heart rate had dropped really low. I called the nurse, but I barely had said a word and there was a nurse there to check me. She said she saw the drop and was thinking that it might be time! She put a glove on and just touched me and said, "You're having a baby!" So, everyone sprung into action! All the while, the 9th inning of the World Series Game 5 is playing on the TV! Max wanted to wait right until that moment to make his debut! The game ended, everyone took their places, I pushed through two contractions, and there he was! My 8 lb 1 oz, 20 inch, precious little Max Clayton!

As I hold this little gift, I am overwhelmed with gratitude and filled with joy. We have walked a very difficult journey with our precious best friends this year, and I am reminded even more that this new life cannot be taken for granted. Healthy babies are not promised, they are a miracle. Both the week of finding out I was pregnant with Max, and the week of delivering him were marked with different times of both grieving and celebrating simultaneously, a crazy picture of the mysterious ways of the Lord, Him showing us his goodness when it feels good and when it doesn't. But we know that He IS good, all of the time. Thank you Jesus.

Here are some pictures of this week:
Just got checked into my room

Look at those tiny feet

My sweet Angela holding Max
This is one proud big sister! It is so crazy how much change I have seen in her the last few days. She is absolutely crazy about Max and wanting to help in any way that she can! It is the sweetest thing! She can't wait to kiss him when he wakes up, pat his little bottom when he cries, melts my heart.

Jett is still not so sure :)
Ready to come home!

Hanging out with Poppy, look at his little ear sticking our from his hat!
Crazy about his Mimi already! She has been SO much help, I can't even tell you! She just knows what I need before I can even say it! Love you Mom! are you going to live here now?
He was kissing him, big step!

As I said, and I will say so many more times, I am so thankful to be the mommy of these three. Max, you are a precious blessing, I am so glad that you are here. I can't wait to watch you grow. Your daddy and I were just talking about all of the things that we are praying for you already! We are praying for your salvation, that you would be a mighty warrior for the Lord, that your wife, if she is born, is being brought up in the ways of the Lord, and that the name of Jesus is spoken often and the gospel proclaimed boldly in this house as you grow, and so many more things! We love you precious boy.