Thursday, January 21, 2010

One Year Old Stats!

Jett had his One Year Check-up today! He put on quite a show for Dr. Terk, as he was sure that he could, all by himself, manage to scale his way up onto the exam table! He was climbing all over that room, dancing , squealing, he did not know what was coming! Dr. Terk said, "He is an active little thing isn't he? Even more active than sister!" Whew... :)

The sweet boy is 21 lbs and 13 ozs and 31 inches tall. That is eight ozs smaller that Addie at this age, but two and a half inches taller! It puts him in the 50th percentile for height and 25-50th for weight. That is right in line with where he was at 9 months. The doctor asked me about brushing his teeth, but he only has one and a half teeth, so, obviously, not much of a concern at the moment! We are taking care of what we got!

He got three shots, and he did so well, I mean, screamed, yes, but not for long! I think it hurt his feelings more than actual pain. He is very sweet, have I said that before?!? He really like that he got to suck on a "Dum Dum" while I made his next appt!

Praise the Lord for his health. I really am so thankful, and know that it is only by the grace of God that he is so healthy. That is not something to take for granted. And not something that we are promised, we learned that with a scare we had when he was first born!

Dr. Terk asked how many words he was saying, and I said, "Umm...not sure that I would consider any of them words...more like he uses the same syllables for the same things." He'll get there. Quite a different story from his chatter box sister! Don't get me wrong, LOTS of sound, just nothing that anyone but mommy would know what he was saying!

One of my favorite things about him is his love for music. No matter what kind of music, even just Addie singing her favorite "Barbie Diamond Castle" song, he just starts spinning! PRECIOUS!

Jett Daniel, what a year! I've said it so many times before, but WHAT A BLESSING YOU ARE! Thank you for always wanting to cuddle with your mommy, and when you are old enough to read this for yourself, I hope you are still cuddling with me! I love you!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jett's First Birthday

Wow, where did this year go? I can't believe my precious boy has been with us for a WHOLE YEAR! What joy and blessing this little guy has brought into our family. Have a daughter is such a treasure, and likewise, having a son is so unique. The bond is so different and special in a whole new way. This little boy has changed me, I mean look at that face! Don't you just want to cuddle him??? And trust me...he wants to cuddle with you. Addie is my little independent, strong-willed fireball, and Jett is my soft, cuddly mama's boy! At least for now...(mama is hoping he stays that way!) As far as I can see, they are as different as they come, except for their volume, I have got some LOUD children. But, I have to say, they come by that honestly! He got a whole bunch of trucks for his birthday, but I think this one from Mimi and Poppy takes the cake. Daddy seems to like it a lot too! You can load all kinds of stuff into the dump truck part, or you can ride it! He also got a bunch of balls. Boy and girl presents are so different!

Addie wanted Jett to have a red cake with white icing. So, while he napped on Saturday, Addie made his cake for the little family get-together that we had Sunday night. She did it all, even held the mixer! She said that it had to have "racing cars" on it, so here is the finished product.
I think he liked it...
I will post some stats after I take him to the doctor on Thursday. Right now he has 1 and a half teeth! He is such a funny child. He laughs about everything, loves to dance and spin, chase after his sister, still loves to be held, and LOVES to eat! He's not saying much yet...attempts "snack, lunch, nurse...(yes, those all have to do with eating)Jett, mama, dada, ball, and book." But, I am pretty sure anyone that lives outside of this house would not know what he is saying. He mainly sticks to grunting and yelling, in true "caveman" style! He brings so much joy and entertainment into this house! Jett, your mommy and daddy love you so much! You are perfect just the way that God made you, we wouldn't change one single thing! What a precious gift God has given us in you!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A little sentimental...

I don't know what it is about me lately, but I am just so sentimental about these two little munchkins running around my house. It seems that there have been many things happening around us to remind us of the brevity of life and how precious these moments that we have are. As our pastor reminded us this past Sunday, we are not promised tomorrow. I am listening to my kids play right now and there are just certain things that I do not want to forget about this time in our lives:
  • Addie's wardrobe changes every few minutes into different princess attire
  • hearing her say, "Daddy, come dance with me" or "Mommy, is it time for a party dance? (translation: Dance Party)
  • at bedtime or naptime, "Mommy, will you rub my back?"
  • anytime she hears music, taking off in a sprint to her room to put on a "spinning dress"
  • curious questions all day long
  • hearing her play "out loud"
  • the babble of my baby boy as he waddles all over the house
  • little arms wrapped around my neck to give me a hug
  • hearing her ask Daddy if he will be her prince forever, ahh... tear...
  • Jett wanting to cuddle with his mommy
  • nursing
  • his sloppy, open-mouthed kisses
  • the grunting that he does because he can't say much!
  • coming in the kitchen and finding them both in one of my cabinets
  • walking in to find Jett with necklaces and hats on (his sister likes to dress him up)
  • Addie chasing after us telling us she is going to count our "tiggies" which we are pretty sure is our ribs, not sure where she got that one
  • wanting to sit in our laps
  • hearing her sweet little voice saying her prayers at dinner or bedtime, "in Jesus name we prayers..."
  • barbies all over bathroom
  • even the little handprints that are on the dishwasher, i know they won't be there forever
  • bathtime (its really fun!)
  • for some reason, my kids like to run around naked after dinner, its funny, definitely worth remembering
  • No matter who is playing, hearing Addie yell, "Go Romy Tomo!!!" (translation: Tony Romo!)
  • The sweet sound of "I love you."

Just a few of the things that stuck out to me today. I know there are so many more. Just crazy about my kids, thankful that I have been given the blessing of being their mommy.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Jett's First Haircut!

Today he went from my little Shaggy Dog:
To my big boy!!! (Yes, it is kind of sad...)

Christmas 2009

What an awesome Christmas is was! It was so exciting to see the joy in our kids faces as they admired the lights, sang the songs (Jett didn't do much singing, but A LOT of dancing), and spent so much fun time with family! And, what a precious blessing to hear Addie telling us the story of the birth of our Savior! We are establishing some traditions as a family, and it is a blast! Here are some pics of our adventures:
The cousins on Adam's side of the family! We have been busy the last four years!
We spent some time at Memommy and Gedaddy's ranch! Jett really wanted to catch a cow!

Walking in the pasture with Poppy!
Gigi and Grandaddy with the kiddos at "Cookie Night"
Grandaddy was "helping" Jett decorate (my kids had quite the sugar high this night)
Addie and Loghan rolling out their dough

Jett's first present!
Adam and I before our Tacky Christmas Feliz Navidad party with our lifegroup
My kiddos wrestling
Jett and his buddy Cade at the Gaylord, it was VERY cold!
Wait Jett, we are supposed to be taking a picture
Hey, at least they are in the same vicinity
the fam at the Gaylord
Us, as well as Tara and Tyler, we have goofy family
Jett pushing is mower that he got, with a princess hat on
Uncle Tyler modeling the princess attire they got Addie for Christmas
Addie and Jett playing with their own toys on Christmas morning, it was so sweet!
Our Happy Birthday Jesus party on Christmas Eve! It was so cute!
Just a cute one of my boy!