Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Zoo!

I have probably said a thousand times how much I love my church, but I do!!! This week, our playgroup went to the zoo! We had 11 mommies and 25 kids, and it was so much fun! We could not have asked for better weather, and the kids were SOOOO good! It was a blast!

Jett was excited about his first trip to the zoo!

Addie had the map and was planning out our day


Looking in the termite mound

They really liked the penguins!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Random Tip...

My mom called me last week and told me that she didn't want me to be 50 years old and just finding this out. Of course, I was thinking it was something tragic or a secret she had been keeping from me, but thank goodness it wasn't! Its just a little tip to make your life a little easier, so I had to share! Ok, go look at your box of aluminum foil. On each end, there is a tab that says something like, "Push to lock in roll." If you push those tabs in, it holds your roll of foil in the box! No more crinkly foil from having to roll it back on after it came out of the box! How great is that?!? Thanks mom! I know, random, but if you find out something good, you have to share it with everybody! :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

I don't have much to say today, so I thought I would just post some pictures! Here you go...Look how much he loves his big sister!
Tiny handsPlanting wildflower seeds in the flowerbed
Cereal face, so cute!
I take lots of pictures of my little baby, I wanted to take some of my big baby! It is still just as precious to watch her sleep.
She thought it was so funny that he was grabbing her feet!
in their overalls
excited after bathtime!
We were playing dress-up "togedder" (together)
The boys had some work to do!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Oh these kiddos, so sweet! They are growing like weeds! Jett had his first fever this week, and since he was just barely over three months, they had me bring him in. Thankfully everything was ok. But, of course it happened the same week as all of this "swine flu" mess, so it got me freaking out. I had my experience at the hospital with this baby, I do not want to go back! :) He is rolling over all of the time from his stomach to his back, and he ALMOST has the other way figured out! I started giving him a little bit of cereal some evenings, he thinks that is pretty funny! And the last two nights he has gone to bed at 8:45 and slept for 10 hours! WAY TO GO BOY!!! Only thing is that I cannot get him to take a bottle! I am in a wedding soon and will be away from him for awhile, we have got to get this figured out! Any suggestions? Addie is just talking more and more, I am shocked by some of the things she comes up with! My favorite word this week was her telling me about the "Hopgrasser" in the backyard! I love it!