Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Ok, this is a lot of pictures! I have some catch-up to do... Little Cinderella
Little Lobster (he is really enjoying himself!)

he loves books
Family Worship Time (they all want an instrument)

My little Thanksgiving Indian

Hanging his first ornament

How cute is this?!? Makes me tear up a little
Well hello there!

the boy LOVES dirt!

Bass Pro Shop Winter Wonderland

Look at that sweet face

And it snowed today!!!

Just give me a rifle!

So, I know it was a lot! I am so thankful for my sweet family. What a blessing these sweet times are! We are excited about sharing the celebration of Jesus' birth with both of our kids this year! I know we are going to make so many fun memories.

Our Construction Project!!!

Recently, we decided to close in our back porch. We are excited about the thought of being able to stay in this house longer. That is just better for us all the way around! Now we have a playroom and a guestroom! Our back porch went from this:

to THIS!!!: