Monday, May 23, 2011

May in pictures :)

This poor frog..."toadie" is his name

our Royal Wedding Watch Party, we got all fancy, Addie LOVED watching it

the Spring Program, SO PRECIOUS!

My handsome, tiny guy

Monday, May 16, 2011

Six Months, WHAT?!?

A HALF A YEAR OLD! This kid is crazy sweet! And SO cute :) I am starting to see a precocious little personality! The boy is all over the place! He is the fastest little army crawler you have ever seen, and he WILL get what he wants apparently. He is still a fabulous sleeper (thank you Jesus!) and he is starting to like his solids a little bit more. Today, however, he is boycotting cereal and all fruit, it is veggies only, specifically carrots and peas, yes, crazy. He is sitting on his own, and it is so cute! He has started showing me his anger when we doesn't get what he wants right away, hard not to laugh.

He is still tiny, but he got to come off of his reflux medicine,woo hoo! He weighs in at 14 lbs 11 ozs, placing him in the 5th percentile! Dr. Terk said he is just going to be a little peanut. After seeing how active he was at his appointment, I think he had a better understanding of the amount of calories the kid is burning! Doc said that our goal is to help balance his calories with his activity level, could be challenging. If anything, anywhere in the house makes a peep, he is distracted from nursing, doesn't want to miss a thing! His length is 25.63 inches, 25th percentile, and his precious little head is right about 25th percentile also.

Max brings so much joy to this family. This week, Jett was laying in the floor, and Max took off after him and crawled all the way across Jett's body. Jett got a huge kick out of it...I saw it as a sign of things to come! What fun adventures lie ahead of us!