Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Four months old

My tiny little man...and we found out that he is indeed tiny! At his check-up yesterday, he was 12 lbs 10 ozs, which places him in the 10 th percentile. My other two were in the 15 lb range at 4 months, so he is little!!! He spits up an awful lot, for example, I can rarely remain in the same outfit all day, and he definitely CANNOT, so Dr. Terk is putting him on an antacid to see if he will put some weight on. He is 24.5 inches long placing him in the 25th percentile, and his head is also still in the 25th, just perfect all around in my book!

He is still nursing about every 2-2.5 hours during the day, but he is SLEEPING ALL NIGHT!!! HOORAY!!! A little over two weeks ago, we decided it was time for him to move in with Jett. That same night, he decided he was ready for bed at 9:30 and he slept until the next morning at 9:30!!! CRAZY! And, for the most part, he has slept 10-12 hours every night, give or take a few!

He is rolling over both ways now. tummy to back and back to tummy. I have a feeling this has to do a lot with why he is sleeping so well because now he can sleep in his preferred position, whatever that may be.

I did start him on cereal a little bit, but he is not really a fan, so we may take a break and try again in a couple of weeks.

What a joy he is! He loves to be held, which mommy really likes :) Adam thinks that I am creating a little monster! He loves to grab at your face or hair, and loves to try to get a hold of his brother or sister as they walk by. He is starting to really enjoy playing with little rattles and toys, and the Johnny Jump Up is his FAVORITE! He just squeals and squeals in there!

What can I say...I am still crazy about him! :) Our little Bobo!

Daddy Daughter Dance

Think she was excited?:
All of the loot they brought home:

Thanks Daddy! You're the best!

A little project...

We call this "Make this growing family fit in this little house!"
Or "Make the best use of our space!"

My brother-in-law built this AWESOME mudroom for us! I LOVE IT! Adam painted it, put the hooks on, and then hung it up! THANK YOU TYLER AND ADAM! I LOVE new ways to organize!

My Sleeping Sweeties

Addie and Jett's Birthday Party

We had a Toy Story themed birthday party at Playscape this year!!! Here is my little Jessie and Buzz:

Crazy Texas Weather

What a crazy January! In a matter of days, the weather went from this...

To THIS...