Saturday, September 10, 2011

She's a Zebra!

Her last first day of preschool! Can it be???

School is in session, and this girl is SO excited! She had a GREAT first day and can't wait to get back next week!
She's looking so grown up :( but OH SO beautiful!
and just a little sassy...
He just loves his big sister, just gazing at her...

Sweet best friends! They asked me this week, "Can you believe that we have been best friends for SEVEN years???" Ha, well, four...they are so cute.

Ms. Sallie and Ms. Michelle
I can already tell just by the feel of the classroom that it is going to be a great year. I have prayed that the Lord would put my little girl with just the right teachers and after meeting them this week, I am confident that He has done just that! Addie told me that she loved them already.
She has the blessing of being with a lot of her Penguin friends, and even her Bee friends from when she was two. They are so adorable. It has been so fun to get to watch them grow these last couple of years.
Jett was very aware that Sissy was gone so long on Thursday. He kept asking if we could go get her and when she would be home. When we picked her up, they held hands all of the way out of school. I am thankful for their little friendship!

Max 9 Months

Well, really he is already 10 months, man I am behind! Look how sweet...
There are not many sweeter things that this precious face! At 9 months, little Max weighs in at 16lbs 6 ozs and he is 27 inches long. He is small in stature but mighty in heart! (and determination!)
His favorite thing to eat right now is meat sticks, eww... He LOVES them, and they are full of protein, so I keep on giving them! He eats a waffle (at least one), a bowl of yogurt (half of it is greek, yet again, full of protein) and half a banana every morning! He loves grilled cheese sandwiches, corn dogs, ALL FRUIT, crackers, and frozen peas and carrots, yes, FROZEN! Its so funny, thats his favorite way! He is quite picky, if he doesn't like how it looks, or maybe smells, it is not getting in that little mouth!
This little bitty thing is WALKING now! WOW! And, yes, it looks extremely odd. But, oh my goodness, he is persistent! I love him!!!
He has many faces and is full of personality!
He is a good sleeper. He sleeps all night, and always sleeps more soundly when his big brother is in the room with him. And, he takes two 1 1/2-2 hour naps each day. One about an hour and a half after he wakes up and one around 2 pm when Jett goes down. Thankfully, he is very flexible because that first nap just can't happen all of the time.
He is ALL boy; wrestling, growling, tackling, throwing, its going to be crazy around here!
He is only nursing about 3 times a day and they have turned into more of snacks. Most of the time, he could do without, but other times he will shout and slap at me until he gets what he wants. I'm not ready for him to be weaned, I need him to stay my little baby for a little longer.
He is still a thumb sucker. All he needs is his thumb and his elephant and he is happy! Don't try to take either one away, ANGER! He is so precious!
He loves to steal his brother and sister's water bottle and drink everything in there. He is not a fan of a sippy cup, but loves a straw.
I just can't even describe our love for this child and what a gift he is! Thank you Jesus! We know that these baby days pass so quickly and we are trying to enjoy every minute, and he makes that so easy. I can't wait to see what his future holds, but for now, I'll just chase the little thing around, watch him explore his new world, and sneak in some cuddle time any chance I get! I love you Max Clayton!