Sunday, September 16, 2012

I totally have a kindergartner!

 Is it even possible?!?  I can't believe my tiny first born is in kindergarten!  What a process this has been!  We have prayed about this moment for so long, going back and forth, searching out what the Lord had for our family when it comes to education. We completely embrace the idea of being open from year to year, kid to kid, but for this year, we had full confidence that we were being called to put Addie in public school kindergarten.  So, here we are, three weeks in, and the God has reassured me over and over that this is what He has for us, for now.  He has gone before us, and He is allowing me to loosen my tight grip on my precious little ones that can so easily become idols, taking their un-rightful place sitting on the throne of my heart.  The Lord has been very gracious to walk me through this process, providing great friends, a great school, and a FABULOUS teacher, and reminding me that throne is His and His alone.  He cares for my children, and care He has shown!  I chronicled our first day of kindergarten in pictures.  I didn't want to 
forget a thing!
 This is her on Meet the Teacher night!

The night before school...


 Think she is excited?!?

 Her confetti from Mrs. Chandler to put under her pillow to give her sweet dreams.

 Her first kindergarten lunch.  She has bought her lunch twice now, that is her special treat on Fridays :)
 First kindergarten breakfast!

 Oh she's so cute!

 Check out the bling.  Ms. Amy (who might just be one of the most precious people on the planet, pretty much a part of the Crawford family!) took her shopping for a first day of school outfit, and this is what Addie's eyes were set on


The precious Mrs. Chandler, an answer to our prayers.  She loves our girl well!
And then we walked out, and the tears started flowing. Until 3:00 came, I was wondering how she was liking it, what she would say, what if it was a bad day, what if she got homesick, and when she got in the car, I got this...
 I asked her to give me a face that showed me what she thought about her first day and this is what I got!  Pretty good I'd say!
So, she loves it.  We love it.  Life is good and full :)