Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Here is my AWESOME mom and dad about to leave to take my baby to Disney World, SO PRECIOUS! More pictures to come when I get all of them!

 Not sure what happened here, I turned away for literally one minute to finish making my own lunch...oh he is so cute!

 Daddy surprised Addie with a necklace for her preschool graduation

My hubby whisked me away to Granbury for a babymoon.  It was amazing!  He had all of our restaurants picked out, he cooked for me, walked in every antique shop that I wanted to, played games, did puzzles, talked and talked and talked, watched movies, I am so thankful for him.  The pictures below are the only ones I took sadly...none of us, but some of the pretty views and baby ducks :)

A little spur of the moment trip to the Grapevine Botanical Gardens

My lemon tree, I love it

 The view from above, looking down at my belly these days

The boys "secret" snack time place

So proud of my dad.  He retired from the railroad after 38 years!  What a big accomplishment!

I love my goofy friends!

Preschool graduation!  My baby girl is so big! It was hard to be emotional because she is SO excited about kindergarten!  Now, that day, I am sure there will be some tears!  I am so proud of her and the sweet little girl that she is.

Little ballerina