Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A little sentimental...

I don't know what it is about me lately, but I am just so sentimental about these two little munchkins running around my house. It seems that there have been many things happening around us to remind us of the brevity of life and how precious these moments that we have are. As our pastor reminded us this past Sunday, we are not promised tomorrow. I am listening to my kids play right now and there are just certain things that I do not want to forget about this time in our lives:
  • Addie's wardrobe changes every few minutes into different princess attire
  • hearing her say, "Daddy, come dance with me" or "Mommy, is it time for a party dance? (translation: Dance Party)
  • at bedtime or naptime, "Mommy, will you rub my back?"
  • anytime she hears music, taking off in a sprint to her room to put on a "spinning dress"
  • curious questions all day long
  • hearing her play "out loud"
  • the babble of my baby boy as he waddles all over the house
  • little arms wrapped around my neck to give me a hug
  • hearing her ask Daddy if he will be her prince forever, ahh... tear...
  • Jett wanting to cuddle with his mommy
  • nursing
  • his sloppy, open-mouthed kisses
  • the grunting that he does because he can't say much!
  • coming in the kitchen and finding them both in one of my cabinets
  • walking in to find Jett with necklaces and hats on (his sister likes to dress him up)
  • Addie chasing after us telling us she is going to count our "tiggies" which we are pretty sure is our ribs, not sure where she got that one
  • wanting to sit in our laps
  • hearing her sweet little voice saying her prayers at dinner or bedtime, "in Jesus name we prayers..."
  • barbies all over bathroom
  • even the little handprints that are on the dishwasher, i know they won't be there forever
  • bathtime (its really fun!)
  • for some reason, my kids like to run around naked after dinner, its funny, definitely worth remembering
  • No matter who is playing, hearing Addie yell, "Go Romy Tomo!!!" (translation: Tony Romo!)
  • The sweet sound of "I love you."

Just a few of the things that stuck out to me today. I know there are so many more. Just crazy about my kids, thankful that I have been given the blessing of being their mommy.

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Haley said...

Beautiful! I especially love the "romy tomo" part. So cute!