Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas 2009

What an awesome Christmas is was! It was so exciting to see the joy in our kids faces as they admired the lights, sang the songs (Jett didn't do much singing, but A LOT of dancing), and spent so much fun time with family! And, what a precious blessing to hear Addie telling us the story of the birth of our Savior! We are establishing some traditions as a family, and it is a blast! Here are some pics of our adventures:
The cousins on Adam's side of the family! We have been busy the last four years!
We spent some time at Memommy and Gedaddy's ranch! Jett really wanted to catch a cow!

Walking in the pasture with Poppy!
Gigi and Grandaddy with the kiddos at "Cookie Night"
Grandaddy was "helping" Jett decorate (my kids had quite the sugar high this night)
Addie and Loghan rolling out their dough

Jett's first present!
Adam and I before our Tacky Christmas Feliz Navidad party with our lifegroup
My kiddos wrestling
Jett and his buddy Cade at the Gaylord, it was VERY cold!
Wait Jett, we are supposed to be taking a picture
Hey, at least they are in the same vicinity
the fam at the Gaylord
Us, as well as Tara and Tyler, we have goofy family
Jett pushing is mower that he got, with a princess hat on
Uncle Tyler modeling the princess attire they got Addie for Christmas
Addie and Jett playing with their own toys on Christmas morning, it was so sweet!
Our Happy Birthday Jesus party on Christmas Eve! It was so cute!
Just a cute one of my boy!

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