Monday, October 20, 2008

NKOTB, oh yes, I did!

Last night, I got to fulfill a teenage dream of mine! I saw NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK!!! Thank you to my AWESOME friend Kris who unfortunately could not use the tickets! Let me just say, they are just as good as they were way back then, even the dancing! Yes, a little older, but yet, so are have never seen grown women scream like that in your life! Everyone was wearing their 80s attire...leggings, side ponytails, blue eye shadow, jean jackets with the big buttons, come on, you know you had one! It was AWESOME!!! Our seats were amazing, and they sang every song we could have asked for! This poor child inside of me is going to come out doing a News Kids dance! It was SO LOUD! I will let the pictures speak for themselves...
Yes, everywhere!
About to go in!!!


Katie, Chels, and me

I love you Rach!

"Please don't go girl..."

The Right Stuff!!!

I mean, LOUD!

Look how close they were!!! AHHH!!!





Haley Frederick said...

Oh the jealousy!!! There are no words for how jealous I am right now. I can't even talk to you right now! :)

Angela said...

You R so cool!!!

Sarah said...

Taber. I am so jealous that words can't describe. I am sooooo glad that you got to go!!! What a treat!!!!! Gosh I loved them...well Jordan.:)

Jill said...

HA!!! I wonder what Jett was thinking!!!! Fun times!

MontyG3 said...

Looks like fun! The songs are rushing back into my brain!!! AAAGGGGHHHH!!!!!

Leslie said...

How FUN!!!! Is it crazy that I didn't even know they were in town?!? Looks like you all had a blast!! I loveeeedddd NKOTB!!

Brooke said...

Taber- I just found your blog through Kristen Nelson's. I wanted to thank you for you prayers and the comment your wrote on my Facebook. I started blogging myself and have found it very comforting. I hope you and Adam have a Happy Holiday season.