Friday, June 19, 2009


Jett plays in this a lot while I am cooking, he loves it! I looked over the other day and Addie was pushing him like it was a swing! Good thing he liked it, he was laughing his head off!She's learning how to share with him!
Sometimes eating is just too funny!

So relaxed...My big girl

One afternoon, I could not get him to take a nap. I laid him outside on a blanket, under this shade and he was out!
We spend a lot of time in the water!
My first swimsuit!
Can I eat this?!?
Ok, I'm ready!
Daddy and Addison at Sheppard Air Force Base
First time in the pool, LOVED IT!
She's so big with her floaties! And, NO FEAR! Jumps in the water from anywhere!
My hubby and me at my sweet friend Leslie's wedding


Haley Frederick said...

So much cuteness!

amymichelle said...

so fun! love all the pictures! they make me want to come play!