Friday, February 4, 2011


Oh first born, my daughter, you are a special, special gift! You are so fun to watch. You are SO loved.

Addie is learning so much right now. It is amazing to watch her little mind at work. Her favorite things to do right now are puzzles and crafts. She loves writing her letters, we practice that a lot in the shower, writing on the shower walls with our fingers, its her favorite. I think she has a little crafty streak in her. As I speak, she is at the table making necklaces, collages, pipe cleaner people, and butterflies. These snow days aren't slowing her down!

She also LOVES to dance. Any time there is music playing, she is in a dress, dancing around the room. We even got her Just Dance Kids for the Wii, and she LOVES that! She has a really musical side also, she can sing the correct tune and match our pitches, even though she tends to make up some really funny words to the songs when she doesn't know them, for example:
"In Excelsis Deo" = "King Ku Chelsea's Gaylord"
"Yes, that's the book for me"= "Just snack a book I see"
"Every high, every low" = "every high through the shore"
"Many will rise and fall at the birth of this King" = "Many will rise fatha niss, ba ba birth um its king" (haha, those are not even real words!)
and many, many more!!! Another thing that I love that she says, instead of "Make sure to..." she says, "Makin' sure" so cute!

My favorite thing lately is she asked me, "Mommy, how come when I do something, and you don't see me, you always know what I did? Does God tell you?"
So, I explained to her, "Yes, kind of, he gives mommies something special called an instinct."
So, now, she says, "You know mommy, are you using that thing inside your body that God gave mommies?" LOVE IT!

There are so many other things. She keeps us rolling, keeps us challenged. Being our first born, she gets a lot of our parenting mistakes, but God has been gracious to give us so many teaching opportunities to show her what His character is like, his Grace, Love, and Forgiveness. We pray big things for you Addie, that God would draw you to Himself and use you in mighty ways!!!

"I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well." Psalm 139:14

Addie's birthday dinner: Cheese pizza, corn dogs, and macaroni and cheese! Mimi always makes whatever we want, this is what she wanted... ;)

Addie was Super Rainbow Girl for superhero day at school!

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MontyG3..4! said...

Happy Birthday Addie!! I can't believe how time flies!