Saturday, April 9, 2011

Five months

So...this shot is harder to get at five months (see below)

Oh, he is such a SWEET, HAPPY BOY!!! I think I have said it a million times, but I cannot get enough of him. We have started on cereal, which he is not a big fan of, unless its mixed with breastmilk, its a little more tolerable...I got some bananas in him, not a big fan of that either...and won't take a bottle, so he's a picky little guy! We're working on it! He loves to sit at the dinner table with us though, I think that makes him feel like a big boy!

He is sleeping great at night, usually 10-12 hours, which is FABULOUS! And he is not even bothered by his big brother, who is now in a big boy bed and likes to share his toys with Max during the night! :)

He still nurses every 2-3hours during the day, which I am good with since he sleeps so much at night and I am trying to put weight on him! He is a fast, efficient eater, I love that time with him!

He is rolling ALL OVER the place, and trying SO hard to crawl! I caught him up on his arms today like he was ready to take off, Mama is not ready for that!

This week he started babbling syllables, "Ah da da da" and it is so sweet. Lots of spitting with his tongue, he thinks that is pretty funny! His favorite thing to do is smile at Addie, she is so sweet with him, she is really taking on the big sister role. Sidenote...yesterday, Addie got in Jett's bed at naptime, read him three stories, then tucked him in and told him to stay in bed like a big boy, then told him goodnight and shut the door. It was so stinkin' sweet!

He has pretty much given up the paci, which didn't take long, now its all the thumb! All of the time. People say to me all of the time, "You are going to regret that..." But, number 1, I think it is so precious, and number 2, really, what am I supposed to do about it? He's five months old! I love it, what can I say???

Max, we love you like crazy! We love to laugh about your personality starting to show. We love to figure out who you look like, we are definitely starting to think you look like Addie with your big eyes. Your gummy little smile melts our hearts every time. You are a pure joy, and we are so thankful that the Lord has entrusted you to us.

Asleep in the swing, just like big brother used to do.

Yes, sucks on the toes, its that or the thumb always!

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