Saturday, January 17, 2009

Not so much...

So, I was going to take the little countdown thing off, but I find it kind of humorous! Don't be fooled, Baby Jett is not one, or however many days old, he is a little stubborn thing, and is still in there making his mommy crazy!!! :) Hey, I feel great, just getting a little restless! But, the countdown is a liar!


hope trifecta said...

I guess those boys are just stubborn! I'm thinking he wants to be late, so he and Chase have alittle more in common :)
Should we start placing bets or something? I ALMOST called you, but figured you had tons of people checking on you today anyway-see you tomorrow at church, MAYBE!!!!??

Love you,


Haley Frederick said...

Come on baby Jett!!! Tabe, enjoy your last few days/moments with just you and Addy. It won't be long!