Monday, March 9, 2009

So, I am finally posting after a whole month!!! Being a mom of two takes quite a bit more time, but I love it! Jett is doing so great, he is 7 weeks old today! He is growing so quickly! He started smiling at us about two weeks ago, talk about something that will melt your heart, it is so sweet! On a normal night, he is waking up only once, which is great with me! Addie is such a great big sister. She loves her baby brother so much. We try to have special Mommy/Addie time while Jett is napping, so that she gets my full attention. And on Daddy's day off, she just can't get enough of us! She is so precious. I am so grateful to God for giving us these precious gifts. And, I am finally starting to feel a little more like myself again. Those pregnancy hormones are rough! I have got to be better about taking more pictures! Here are some of what I have captured over the last couple of weeks.


Haley Frederick said...

My goodness he is so cute! Makes me excited to meet my little man in just a couple more months!
Glad the hormones are finally giving you a break. I remember that beast and crying for no apparent reason. Not looking forward to that part again. :)

Leslie said...

I agree with Haley, he is TOO CUTE! I can't wait to see him and kiss is little cheeks next week! YAY! So, I totally don't know about post pregnancy hormones, but if they are anything like, getting married hormones, I'm SO GLAD you are over that hump. ;)