Friday, September 25, 2009

My last post was all about Addie, so this one is just a little update on my sweet boy. He turned 8 months old on Saturday! I can't believe it. He is just the sweetest little cuddle bug that you have ever seen, and I just love every minute of it! He is officially not eating baby food anymore. By the spitting that I got when I put it in his mouth, and the screaming and lunging for our food, I got the hint that he was ready to feed himself, and boy was he! He LOVES meal time, and so far we haven't found anything that he doesn't like. He may even make a really sour face, but it doesn't stop him! He has become such a climber, finding ways to get up on just about anything. And, he actually took 2 steps this week. He has done that three times this week. I said to a friend that I thought it was probably a fluke, and she reminded me that we thought the same thing about Addie right before she started walking. So, we'll see what comes of this! I am crazy about this kid! Here are some fun pics from this month:
In his big boy clothes!

LOVES bathtime with sissy!
checking his email
Being the mother of a girl and the mother of a boy is SO different! Just when I want to stop the rough housing because I think Jett is going to get hurt, he is CRACKING UP laughing, so I let it go on. It won't be long before he'll clock Addie if he doesn't like it, so I guess I'll let him stick up for himself!


hope trifecta said...

Dare I say that he is the cutest infant boy in the entire church! (I of course reserve my opinion of Chase being the cutest toddler boy!!!) Doing a fantastic job mom!

Haley Frederick said...

He is so cute! I can't believe he's about to start walking!

Leslie said...

Oh my goodness, Taber, he is SO BIG! I can't believe he is starting to walk possibly...he is like a genius, haha!! :) Miss you!