Sunday, October 25, 2009

October Pictures!

Western Day at Addie's school!
Her cute little class

Jett seemed really excited about Western Day

Addie brushing a goat, she liked the goats, but was scared to death of the ponies!

Yee haw!

Sweet little cowgirl

Random pictures...
He has found the cabinet. I left the child lock off of this one for Addie to play in when she was a baby, and now he has discovered it!

We had a rainy day this week where I told Addie she could wear dress-up ALL DAY!!! And, we did some baking!

Cuddle time

A new favorite in the house, dominoes!

Ha, I love it when he gets a hold of her girly things!

Yard work...

His first bruise :(

Jett and his little buddy Cade, they are so cute!

Decorating fall cookies with Gigi!

Where he spends most of his time, EATING!

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