Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Play Time!

We have had lots of play time over the last week! It's so much fun to watch kids, its all about play to them! Last week, I got to see my precious roommate from college, Leslie! It was so much fun, I can't wait until our GIRLS WEEKEND in April! Then, this weekend, we had a fun italian potluck with our friends, Addie got to play with one of her favorite friends, Elizabeth, and we got to spend time with some of Adam's high school friends. This week, another one of my college friends, Charla, came to see me. We had so much fun reminiscing! We thank God that we are not who we were in college! But, oh, those days were so much fun!!!
Today, Addie and I went to Mother Goose Time at the Southlake Library! What a neat experience! We are going to make it a part of our Wednesday schedule! This particular time was for kids that are all around Addie's age. We had song time, story time, and then just fun play time! This weather that we are experiencing is AMAZING! We had a picnic lunch outside and played hard until naptime. Now Addie is sleeping, and Mommy is blogging!


justin & angela said...

Sweet little girls! Definitely a great picnic day:)

"Glow" said...

YAY!! It was so good to see you last week! I can't wait to do it again. :) Only a month till girls weekend! Addison is so cute!!

Matt and Sarah Pitts said...

Wow, you've gone blogging crazy!! Keep it up, I'm impressed!

Love ya!