Saturday, March 1, 2008

What a Great Weekend!!!

It has been such a wonderful weekend! The weather has been so beautiful and Addie loves playing outside SO much! Adam spent the week in Seattle, and we are so glad that he is home!!! He brought Addie this monkey and she walked around with it hanging from her neck all morning! It was so funny!

I realized this week that she actually had enough hair to put in a ponytail, so we have been experimenting with that the last couple of days! It is great until she realizes that she actually has one, and then it is all of about 2 seconds before it is out of her hair!!!

We spent the afternoon and evening with out friends from church, the Pringles. We went to Southlake Town Square, one of my most favorite places! Bella and Addie are only two days apart in age, so they have so much fun together, and they are so cute! It was great to see Jeff and Adam pushing the strollers around, notice there are no children in the strollers! :)There are these cow statues all over the place down there. Not exactly sure what that is about, but the kids love them. Addie is trying to learn that they are not "puppies!" She seems to think that every animal is a puppy right now! Notice in one of the pictures, she is giving the "puppy" some love! :) I love this kid!!!

I love weekends where you can just relax, enjoy your family, and spend time with friends. I want my kids to remember the times that we had so much fun doing nothing at all. Sometimes, when you do nothing much at all is when some of the best memories are made. I thank God for my "doing nothing days!"

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justin & angela said...

Yea for "doing nothing" days! You are an excellent blogger my dear:)