Saturday, March 29, 2008

We had a blast at Mother Goose Time this week! Laling and Bella joined us, and the girls were precious. They are such cute little friends. They wore themselves out, and I loved getting to spend time with Laling, what a joy!
We also had a great time with our friends the Pitts and the Bassetts! We grilled out, hoping that it would be nice to dine outside since the day before it was in the 80s, but to our dismay, it was COLD!!! So, we watched the cute girls and just laughed and talked. Good friends are such a blessing! I love my husband so much. He is such a hard worker, and he never complains. He loves to provide for his family, and I am so thankful for that. He is such a godly example to Addie and me. Adam has a strong calling to teach and lead the body of Christ in worship, and I am so thankful to the Lord that He has blessed us with the opportunity to be a part of a church where Adam can explore this passion. Another one of Adam's passions, however, is plants. I know, it sounds funny, but he LOVES it. And it just so happens, that he is, as of this week, a GARDEN ASSOCIATE at Home Depot, along with his job at CityView. So, of course, he came home with a bunch of plants this week. We worked in the yard today, and Addie "helped" us. As Adam would put dirt in a bucket, she would take it right back out and put it in the dirt pile! We had such a good day! She was so adorable with her shovel. I am crazy about my family!


Glow said...

Oh my goodness, Addie is so cute helping out Adam in the yard! I love the pictures from storytime too! So fun! Hope you guys are having a good week. ;)

Haley Frederick said...

That is so cute. Eva loves her shovel too. All of my pots on our patio are mostly empty now. It's so funny! One of these days, we really need to get these kids together!