Sunday, March 23, 2008

Spring Break 2008!

We had a fun trip on our Spring Break! We got to go with Grammy, Poppy, and of course, Aunt "Tata" to Port Aransas. Of all of the places that we have been, this is one of Adam and mine's most favorite! It holds some very special memories for us. We had a good time just being with family, seeing the beach, playing games, and of course, lots of eating! The weather was a little cool, but we got Addie out in the sand and let her put her little feet in the water, so precious. Addie got to see lots of "boats" and "fishies." These were her two favorite words the whole week!

We took a trip to the Crazy Cajun, where my grandfather ordered 15 pounds of crawfish, 9 pounds of crablegs, not to mention, the corn, shrimp, dirty rice, oh my goodness... Addie thought it was great, she wasn't the only one making a huge mess!!!

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