Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer Vacation!

We just got back from a GREAT vacation! We headed down to Port Aransas with some of our good friends, the Pattersons! We stayed at my parent's beach house, and just had a lot of good RELAXATION! The kids were SOOO great, they had the best time! And it was really nice to be able to put our kids to bed in the evenings and still be able to drink wine, talk, and play games with great friends. Thanks guys for making our trip so perfect!

Addie at the beach!

Jett taking a bath in the sink after the beach

He really loved the floaties!
Have you ever tried to build a sand castle with 2 year olds? Pretty much impossible!!!
Our camp! Scott brought this cool tent so we could keep the babies in the shade! Great idea!
Dad came down and took the guys fishing. They each caught a shark and then 5 red fish! We took it all to a restaurant that night and had it cooked up for us, so yummy! Way to go boys!
The kids checking out what their dads caughtSweet friends, Addie and Blane
Jen and me at the beach

Adam and I decided to stop at my grandfather's house in Fredericksburg on our way home, and we were so glad that we did. It was beautiful! Of course I didn't take enough pictures, but it had a BEAUTIFUL pool, a creek running in front of the house, a playhouse for Addie, a zip line into the creek, a full baseball diamond, and a deer feeder where we watched 15 deer in the evening. We went into town and ate at a quaint little German restaurant and then went to the Ice Cream Parlor. It was so fun! A great way to end an awesome vacation!This was at a park where we stopped and ate a picnic lunch. These ducks would take the bread right out of your hand, and if you weren't fast enough, they would steal it when you weren't looking!

True Texan, the girl loves her Blue Bell!
Can't wait for our next vacation!!!


Kristen and David said...

What a wonderful vacation!! Those sharks are impressive. Sounds like you guys made some great memories!

Haley Frederick said...

How fun! I'm a little...okay a lot... jealous.